Welcome to my town

March 31, 2008 at 09:07 | Posted in Barrow | 5 Comments
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Barrow may not be the most beautiful, the most glamorous or the most forward-looking place on earth but it’s where I was born and where I chose to return in my fifties.  Barrow is a child of the railway age, a Victorian Milton Keynes, once proud out of proportion to its size, now a quirky place full of faded imperial grandeur and some surprising secrets, which I hope to visit in this blog.  But let’s begin at the beginning with what Barrow has always been about; building ships.

The hammerhead crane that remains is just one survivor of the forest of such beasts – some much bigger than this one, that once lined the dockside.  See if you can spot a retired submarine and three corvettes which the Sultan of Brunei is trying to sell.

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