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March 31, 2008 at 09:07 | Posted in Barrow | 5 Comments
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Barrow may not be the most beautiful, the most glamorous or the most forward-looking place on earth but it’s where I was born and where I chose to return in my fifties.  Barrow is a child of the railway age, a Victorian Milton Keynes, once proud out of proportion to its size, now a quirky place full of faded imperial grandeur and some surprising secrets, which I hope to visit in this blog.  But let’s begin at the beginning with what Barrow has always been about; building ships.

The hammerhead crane that remains is just one survivor of the forest of such beasts – some much bigger than this one, that once lined the dockside.  See if you can spot a retired submarine and three corvettes which the Sultan of Brunei is trying to sell.


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  1. Welcome to the world of DP
    just saw your post on the portal – Bob’s Barrow blog isn’t registered with the CDPB and the more the merrier anyway.

  2. If you havnt already done so check out my site at http://www.southlakes.addr.com as it has just under 3000 photos of Barrow and the Furness Peninsulas and feel free to use any that you like. No need to ask. I say to everyone that photos and memories are for sharing so feel free to grab whatever you like and use them.

    Can you email me a bit about your blog and I may use it as part of a website review feature that I present on local radio

    More info on my blog at http://www.billclarkontheradio.co.uk

  3. Hello, have just read about your site on southlakes. I like it, short, sharp, and to the point, and as they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”


    Bill(the old one).

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I’ve never been to your town, so I’ll be interested in what it’s got on offer. I do remember an old tv advert for some sweets which featured a dinosaur who ate Barrow’s bus station, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I think Chewits were!

  5. you remember rightly, we got rid of the bus depot
    but according to the remarks we see on these blogs,
    the dinosaurs still sit in the town hall regeneration department

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