Tummer Hill Marshes

April 7, 2008 at 15:28 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments


Walney seems to have had a bite taken out of it on the landward side. Two or three times a year, in the spring and the autumn, the tide comes right in and laps up against Ocean Road, the island’s main thoroughfare. More often, around the full moon and the new moon, the tide races up the gullies. Most of the time, though, its a big open marsh.

In the distance, looking like an island floating on the fen but actually on dry land, is the ancient village of Biggar. We’ll have a closer look at Biggar in due course.



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  1. Hi Rosi I was going to put a link to this your latest venture, and very good it is too. Do you want me to use your first title “Pie and Mushies” or the one you seem to be using now”Barrow Day by Day” Let me know please. cheers.

  2. Bob – “Pie ‘n’ Mushies” is the proper name but the City Daily Photo site insist on something more boring. So link to “Pie ‘n’ Mushies” if you like.

  3. I prefered your choice “pie ‘n’ mushies”, but it doesn’t detract from your lovely photo. I too had to change my name, which is why i have two blogs.Always ways round these things.

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