The burnt-out church

April 9, 2008 at 12:53 | Posted in Barrow | 2 Comments

Burnt-out Church

Us Barrovians, even those us who have been away for a while and seen the world, are inordinately fond of our town. Sometimes to the point of irrationality. Barrovians are, however, rather less fond of the clowns who run the borough council. Especially when they seem to care little about what makes Barrow distinctive.

This church on the edge of the town centre fell victim to an arson attack a few years ago. Since then it’s been left to rot under scaffolding. No effort to restore a unique Victorian building, and if that can’t be done, no evident attempt to remove the eyesore.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they give permission for the demolition of Arlington House, a fine building at the upper end of Abbey Road, to make way for a new Wimpeyville; an aggregation of off-the-peg houses that could be anywhere in the country.



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  1. I agree that they either fix it or demolish it.
    Ashton unde lyne has the same thing with Hugh Mason house formerly Ashton Baths and Laundry.

    I do understand that for some the building represents a connection to Ashton’s past but that whole Petersfield area has undergone massive changes and that the new look bears no relation to the past whatsoever, consequently the building becomes an oddity, expensive to maintain and difficult to find a use for. Unless the inside were made into a parking structure.

    If we were to pause and reflect what life was like 100 or 150 years ago it would tell us that most folks were members of and frequented a local house of worship.
    In the days before Television people went out for their entertainment and in doing so came accross others and were civil to each other.

    Today, we live insular lives, proteced by the comfort of our vehicles and getting all out information from the television and Internet.

    The Victorian building represents a bygone era that has faded into the distant past and out of our memories.

    I love the term Wimpeyville, that’s a gem.

  2. I have done a bit of research, and it seems that the building is listed. Hence the scaffolding which is to enable work to stop the fabric of the building falling down.
    I suggest you take a look at the old Methodist church down on Storey Sq. This fine building is earmarked for demolition and house built in it’s place. Yet another crime in progress.

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