Rock Pool

April 12, 2008 at 14:02 | Posted in Barrow | 2 Comments


When I find myself in in times of trouble I get myself down to Walney Beach, especially if the tide is out, and then I realise what it is that draws me back to this neck of the woods after all these years. I’ve seen many beaches in my life, some of them sun-kissed and full of beautiful people, and you can keep ’em. Walney Beach is a place of infinite variety and many moods. It’s a delightful place to swim late on a balmy evening with the sun dipping over the Irish Sea, and it’s still stimulating in the teeth of a winter gale with lashing rain and crashing waves. I love the way it is never the same twice, for it rearranges itself with every tide. The tides are high, and the beach gently shelving, with pebbles close to the shore and firm, flat sand further seawards.

But the best thing has to be the rock pools. I always loved the rock pools even when I was little, full of wonder at the variety of life to be found there. Mussels and winkles, baby shrimps, sea anemones, crabs and seaweed. And the birds that feed on them; the comical oystercatchers with their long red beaks, and flocks of dunlin that are invisible until you are almost upon them, and then exploding into a great shroud, twisting and turning and changing colour in the air.

There are many aspects to the the rock pools, and if you follow this blog you can expect me to revisit them again and again. This picture shows the branched structures, made of nothing but sand, which are the homes built by tubeworms.



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  1. Lol! In the portal it looked like a lilac blossom!

    Glad you found this peaceful place for ” times in trouble”…

  2. Nature at it’s best and how beautiful it is. The portal image does disguise quite well what the subject is. Quite a surprise.

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