Under the Clock (1)

April 14, 2008 at 13:25 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Under The Clock

Barrow is a child of the railway age and, as a new kid in town, a particularly bratty and self-confident one it was in its Victorian prime. Railways brought the idea of the timetable, and thus the public clock, and Barrow had to have plenty of them. It was a kind of municipal bling-bling.

This clock once adorned McDowell’s, a long-defunct gentleman’s outfitters in Cavendish Street. The shop is now a maternity wear emporium, but the clock remains, proudly restored a few years ago by shipyard apprentices. This kind of barrel clock was never all that common and very few now survive.



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  1. Gorgeous clock!

  2. Isn’t it just! Keep watching this blog though, because there are more clocks to come.

  3. That is a lovely clock. I saw one similar a year or so ago in Lichfield.

    gents outfitters to maternity shop – Hyde hasn’t gone quite that far but nearly – what was Montague Burtons is now the Bridal Warehouse!

  4. […] and contrast with McDowells clock in Cavendish Street. It’s a no-brainer, […]

  5. McDowells on Cavendish street was my grandfathers shop. It is so lovely to see that, although McDowells Gents outfitters has long gone, the clock still remains along with the stained glass windows & the mosaic entrance tiles. I have fond memories of visiting the shop when I was younger & helping my grandpa to wind up the clock, which was done from inside the shop by simply pulling a chain.

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