The Gaza Strip

April 21, 2008 at 12:07 | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

The Gaza Strip

The stub end of Cornwallis Street, across from the Town Hall, is know to Barrovians as the Gaza Strip. Many towns these days have their ‘strip’, lined with chain bars, and Barrow has several of the usual suspects in other places, mainly Duke Street, but the Gaza Strip is in another order of unsavouriness. The bars are shabby and run down. I’m not sure whether this is down to neglect or a deliberate policy of making the places as unappealing as possible to the discerning drinker so that the undiscerning young can go about their business getting rat-arsed and making easy profits for the booze companies.

Either way, the Gaza Strip is a blight on our town. (Why can’t they sweep this away to make way for Wimpeyvilles and marinas?)



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  1. What in interesting ad for ice pops! The fire throws me off.

  2. I’ve always viewed the photos of Cornwallis Street on another Barrow website with the clubs and milling throngs of teenagers with an intense sense of envy.

    My 1960’s Barrovian teenage years were blighted by a lack of anywhere to go. I seem to remember intensely boring hours in the town’s coffee bars. When you reached 18 (or more usually just that bit before) you could go out drinking. It was The Bay Horse and a few others. However you hardly met anybody.

    Surely not a Wimpeyville anything is infinitely better than a Wimpeyville.

    Your comments have taken some of the wind out of my sense of envy though.

  3. These are the places that add colour and character to our towns.
    In some ways, I can see a preference for it as opposed to the sterility and conformity of a Wimpeyville

  4. Anything is better than a Wimpeyville. But the local council are hell bent on sweeping away fine old Victorian buildings, or perfectly nice and habitable streets of terrace housing, to make way for Wimpeyvilles. I’d be very sad to see what’s left of Cornwallis Street swept away, as the rest of it was twenty-odd years ago along with the old covered market, but it would be nice to see it looking a bit less seedy and dilapidated.

  5. Wossa Wimpeyville? (apart from a nice line up of yv together)

  6. Call yourself a member of a planning committee, Alex? 😉

    A Wimpeyville is an agglomeration of bland off-the-peg housing (Barratt Hutches) which could be anywhere and which our beloved borough council (hijacked by Tories a couple of years ago) seems very keen on replacing things with. Things like Victorian houses of great character, and rows of perfectly servicable terrace houses whose residents are quite happy where they are and don’t want to be moved on. They are less keen on demolishing whole streets in Tory-voting Hawcoat, or on the golf course.

    Incidentally, I wrote to out esteemed MP, the Rt Hon John Hutton, about the latter case weeks ago and he has never replied.

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