Sandy Gap

April 22, 2008 at 16:11 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


The sun’s shining and the bitter edge has gone from that easterly wind. In fact it’s a lovely, dreamy kind of afternoon with a brisk but not unpleasant breeze and a bit of a haze on the sea. And yes, as soon as this happens, Rosie heads for Walney beach!

Have I mentioned that Walney beach is one of my favourite places anywhere? Surely not! Although whenever I start to question my sanity in coming back to Barrow to live, I walk down there and realise why it made sense. However low I may have been feeling, I can’t help but smile when I’m there.

We’re two days past the full moon, so the tide is high and at its full in the early afternoon and the wide, flat sands will have to wait for another day. For now, though, it’s just delightful to walk along the pebbles of the upper beach; good Lakeland rock, all of it, washed down the Esk and the Duddon over many thousands of years, rounded by the sea. (But you can’t see those in the picture, just sand, shingle and an old breakwater)



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  1. Another splendid effort. Finally a bit warmer

  2. Simply beautiful, I can see why you like it! I love the way you write too!

  3. Tanya, if I could live out the rest of my life on that beach I would. It does get very very wild and windy, however!

  4. It is simple and rich. I like it very much. Great textures.
    Saludos, Mariana C.

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