Arthur Street

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Arthur Street

Welcome to Arthur Street. It’s a perfectly servicable street of Victorian terrace houses. Very typical of much of the central Barrow area as it was laid out as a new model community in the nineteenth century. I wouldn’t be unhappy living in one of them. The only problem I can see is the blight of pebbledash that has struck in the last thirty years: painted brick was always the Barrow way.

The trouble is, it’s in the way of the money-grubbing schemes of developers, who want to put up a Wimpeyville of bland housing units, quite outside the character of the town. And they have enlisted the support of the local borough council; Tory-led for the last couple of years. Tories aren’t interested in the sort of people who live in Arthur Street, who like living in Arthur Street. No Tory represents the ward, but what does that matter? The council with it’s majority group of the ovine tendency that thinks and votes how it’s told to has steamrollered the scheme through, and thus people must be driven from their homes to make a profit for developers.

Does Arthur Street look like a teeming slum to you? No, of course not. If you think, as I do, that demolishing this community is a disgrace then you might like to tell our beloved leader, Cllr Bill Joughin. You’d be best confining yourself to words of one syllable though because poor Bill isn’t what you might call a towering intellect.



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  1. Tory or Labour doesn’t make any difference – Big developers have ways of influencing councillors of both political shades – worse luck.

  2. Where are all the cars?
    This looks like it was taken 30 years ago!
    Unless they’ve all gone to work!
    Typical Ashton St.

  3. Quite a lot of those houses are empty and boarded up – not because it’s a decaying area but because the council has been putting pressure on people to sell to make way for the scheme and several owners have taken Joughin’s shilling. The rest are to be harassed with CPOs until they give up.

    Note that these houses are owner occupied; ownership in some cases has passed down several generations. You’d think the Tories would approve of that!

    There must be some cars: you can see where a big bite has been taken out of the pavement to make way for them. There would have been grass there once.

  4. Tere must be something in the water this week. From you, to me on my island, and many towns in America, we have all highlighted the plight of older buliding, housing, and small town politics. We need to renovate, not demolish. Love the compostition and the subject matter.

  5. I am pleased to say that in some areas of Ashton, where there are streets of houses that are still in reasonable condition, the houses have been completely re-furbished rather than demolished to make way for the new.
    There are some photos of the re-furbished houses here:

  6. I love your photos of Barrow. This one reminds me that, some years ago we bought an old cast-iron street sign from a reputable dealer, apparently from Barrow. It was from Vengeance Street… does that street still exist or has it been swept away in in the so-called regeneration? I believe that many old streets in Barrow were named after ships that were built there. There was an H.M.S.Vengeance and perhaps she struck terror into the hearts of the enemy!

  7. Mary,

    I’m happy to say that Vengeance Street still exists and is likely to go on existing for some time! It’s on Walney, and it’s the next street along from King Alfred Street, where my mother was born and brought up.

    The houses in that particular part of Walney are a little bigger than many, and although they have concrete back yards rather than gardens many of them have been converted very successfully.

    Many of the cast iron street signs still exist and I’m planning to feature them at some point.

  8. im very heartbroken about the council they have bought most of the street now for the regeneration programme, it looks like beruit now ,all the houses that the council have bought are all boarded up ,5 generations of my family were brought up in the street in the same house my mam was coronation queen of the street sadly she passed away in 2006, there is many of the older generation that are very heart broken about losing there homes most have lived there all there lives the council dosnt care about putting these poor people through hell for the last 3 yrs and they will stay till the very end and to be honest its made a couple of the older residents very ill and i dont beleave they will make it to the end they are so ill with the worry that the council have caused them there is no choice now but to sit and wait for the cpo:my heart goes out to all the older generations

    • 5 generations? Would you be Diane Ayres or Diane Derby? My nana was Alice Withers (also sadly no longer with us), lived at no. 55.

  9. […] is it really more than six months since I posted about the plight of Arthur Street, which the Tory-run council wants to demolish to let their chums the property developers make a […]

  10. Foolish decision. there must be some run down crappy street they can get rid off instead of a good one like Arthur street.

  11. I lived in Arthur street for 24 years but now live in Preston , it was and still is a great street…the whole street always stuck by each other, but the council thought that giving the landlords a quick and easy way of getting 40 or 80 grand to line there pockets would make it easier so they can turn are street into a car park or little play grounds. I bet it wouldn’t happen if the councilers lived there. As my mum diane said my heart goes out to the people still there fighting to the very end.

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