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April 26, 2008 at 15:34 | Posted in Barrow | 6 Comments


Barrow buses have recently been fitted out with a panel at the back, each commemorating a ship built at Barrow. In this case I travelled home from the hospital, where I spent time on a nebuliser this afternoon, with the SS Oriana, the last Barrow-built liner.

These Barrow buses are operated by Stagecoach and are not the Barrow Corporation Transport buses of fond memory: dark-blue double-deckers with colour-coded destination blinds instead of route numbers. A few of those are preserved and were used, for example, in the filming of Housewife, 49, the film of the wartime Barrow memoir Nella Last’s War. Occasionally they come out for a trundle and if I catch one I’ll include it in the blog. Are there any Old Barrovians reading this who can remember the colour codes?



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  1. The one I remember from a small boy was ‘The Shore’. This was on a red background. After the ‘Links’ estate was built in the 60’s it changed to ‘Rainey Park’.

    I still fondly remember getting off that bus at the Golf House on a Winter’s night and seeing it disappear into the inky blackness down towards Sandy Gap. Naturally there was never anybody on it.

  2. Ah yes, I remember Rainey Park – but not The Shore. My sister and I thought Rainey Park a grand joke!

  3. Heres what I can remember

    Hawcoat – The Shore RED
    Abbey – Biggar Bank GREEN
    Ormsgill – Harrel Lane – West Shore Circular YELLOW
    Tea House – Roose (Later extended to Holbeck Farm) BLUE

    Check out as its a website for Barrow transport Group who maintain the old buses

    I doint recall a colour code for the North Scale – Cemterey Route which later got expanded to Dane Avenue then Ravenglass Road

  4. OhI hope they didn’t re-use single use nebulisers. Some hospitals have been doing that I read speking concerns from manufacturers.
    Love the pictures

  5. I think the Tea House- Roose was just the normal black with white lettters

  6. SORRY/ I mean the north scale- cemetery, not the tea house- roose

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