Celebrating engineering achievement

April 27, 2008 at 13:01 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Jeff was asking, when I featured the Spirit of Barrow monument, why there was no commemoration of the white-collar workers who contributed to Barrow’s success. The fact is, there is. To some extent anyway. Not a prime town-centre statue but a series of plaques around the Barrow Island area where most of the yard is, put up by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers to mark engineering achievement.

‘Lady Superintendent”? Hmm… Ah well, it was in 1914. Hold on a minute. What are those dates again? 1914-1919? Ah yes, holding the fort while the men are fighting on the Somme. And afterwards? Ah, Dorothee, the men are back. Well, some of them. Off you go then, back to the dolly-tub!

I’m feeling poorly today so I’m going to crawl into bed now. Offers of TLC will be received with much thanks!



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  1. Oh well at least that’s something to commemorate the white-collar folk. it’s a shame that these plaques are not in a more conspicuous place. I am aware of their size and if you blink you might miss them.

    Dorothee must have been quite a woman. I doubt if there were too many AMIMechE’s around in those days and a woman would have been a rarity.

    It reminds me of my grandmother who worked in the Howitzer Shop during the First World War. She was a semi-skilled worker and I doubt if their respective paths would ever have crossed. She was the only family member to have a good thing to say about Vickers.

  2. Get well soon luv!

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