A Happy Man

May 3, 2008 at 13:04 | Posted in Barrow | 4 Comments

Cllr Michael Stephenson

Somebody on the CDP forums was saying that these urban portraits should be about people more than buildings, and to a degree that’s right. So here’s a man with much to be happy about today, because he’s just unseated Barrow’s Tory council leader in the local elections.

As in many isolated towns, Barrow’s local government is a law unto itself, often throwing up mavericks and going against the tide. Michael Stephenson, who is proprietor of the excellent Last Resort Coffee Shop, stood as an Independent Anti-Academy candidate in posh Hawcoat ward and scored a palpable hit. The campaign against having an academy in Barrow has made it a hot political issue – many, many people are opposed to an education system dedicated to the churning-out of docile, compliant young people designed for the needs of industry instead of being encouraged to think for themselves and challenge.



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  1. This portrait is very good and while the man looks red I would guess he has been out in the sun too much of late. It still makes a beautiful portrait.

  2. Good on him, always good to see ‘ordinary’ people get involved in politics, as it keeps the system in greater touch.

  3. I think its just high blood pressure!

  4. I say Mike Stephenson for Prime Minister!!!

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