Another one bites the dust

May 7, 2008 at 16:15 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


Looks like another Barrow institution is on its way out.

The Bon-Bon, the last remaining traditional tobacconist and sweet shop, from which humbugs, pear drops, sherbert lemons, aniseed balls, Beech’s Violet Creams and cough candy could still be bought loose in a paper bag until very recently, seems to have closed its door and put up the shutters for the last time. The old lady who ran it was reported to be ill several weeks ago; I’ve heard no news since but I fear the worst. Another little bit of the old world lost.

Danson’s of Euryalus Street on Walney, where I used to buy the comestibles noted above with sixpences donated by my Uncle Bill, vanished long ago and is now a private house.



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  1. Are there any corner shops left on Walney ? The last time I was there the casualty count that I winessed was – Brockbanks, Yates, Baines and the one down from Dansons on the corner of Euryalus St. & Folkstone Ave., there’s probably more.

  2. Not many left, Jeff. The one at Euryalus Street/Liverpool Street is still going but that’;s an exception. Oh, the old butchers in Amphitrite Street/Dartmouth Street was a bathroom showroom for a while but is now a bakers. The wool shop at King Alfred Street/Mikasa Street closed last year after being there forever.

    Most of them have been converted to private houses.

  3. It’s such a shame when this iconic old corner shops make way for faceless new developments of some kind. These are the places that distinguish one area from another.

    I waved, but as usual as with the Manx way, it will still be travelling to you for the next three weeks.

  4. I never knewq what this shop was till now.

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