The Big One

May 9, 2008 at 17:50 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


Never mind that rather tedious head match on Sunday between the pawns of multi-squillionaires; there’s only one football game in town tonight and it’s an exciting one. The whole town is palpably on edge in the muggy heat.

Barrow AFC – the Bluebirds – play Stalybridge Celtic in the Blue Square North playoffs for a place in the Conference. And the best of luck to them, even if their proclivity for stealing deafeat from the jaws of victory is well-proven.

Both these teams once played in the Football League; Barrow much more recently than Stalybridge. There was a custom in our house for my mother, when watching the Saturday afternoon results sequence, to exclaim “Good old Barrow!” when Barrow won, which, it has to be said, wasn’t very often. I, meanwhile, didn’t entirely get it when I was little, and I’d call it out when they got stuffed.



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  1. Yeah Go Celtic!
    Stalybridge is our neighboring town!

  2. You mean the one wigan is going to win? lol

  3. BARROW WINS 1-0


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