Washing Day

May 13, 2008 at 13:49 | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Washing Day

It was Kris McCracken from Tasmania, over at This will hurt me…, who drew my attention to the strange and rather sniffy regulations that govern the hanging out of washing. Let me say that in Barrow hanging out your washing is not just something that happens, it’s a venerable tradition. Not confined to one’s own property either; the back streets are put to full use.

Freshly-laundered clothes that have been dried in the air are much nicer to put on than tumble-dried clothes anyway, so yah boo sucks to the washing snobs!



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  1. More environmentally friendly too!

  2. A classic and a favourite here’s mine.

  3. I love linens, warmed from the sun, fresh off the clothesline! Great picture with an interesting post!

  4. You used to see that in the back streets of Oldham years ago but nowadays hanging out seems to be only done in private spaces.

  5. Good to see the good folk of Barrow ‘sticking it to the man’!

  6. There’s a section in the film ‘Get Carter’ where Michael Caine drives through such a scene. Sheets, towels etc went flying.

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