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There seems to have been an outbreak of Chinese number plates at the lower end of Abbey Road. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with street numbers.

No, I haven’t a clue, but I’m sure somebody will be along to clear up this little mystery. Maybe even tell us what the Chinese characters mean.



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  1. A work colleague who is learning Chinese reckons it might be the street name – he thinks the last character means street or road.

  2. Pete has pondered some more and reckons the characters in pinyin are “si ming nan lu” which probably translates as Siming Nanlu or Siming South Street. This is an actual street name in Xiamen, there are probably more:

    Not sure if there is any equivalence between Siming and Abbey!

  3. Ah, thank you! That was all the clue I needed to do some investigation.

    Apparently it’s part of an art exhibition by Chinese artists from Xiamen University Art College, and according to the Evening Mail (but I can’t provide a link):

    The theme of Zeng Huanguang’s works is about the various changes taking place in Chinese cities during the course of demolishing and developing areas.

    He has collected many nameplates of streets and homes, tokens of communities that have now disappeared because of city development plans.

    He will place them along the streets of Barrow, and invite viewers to make their own associations.

  4. I spotted that myself and have an idea that it’s something to do with ART GENE. They work out of the Nan Tait centre. Have you noticed if the speaker is still working round the front, that’s an art installation as well. I did a post a year or two back on mistletoe which they had tied to a tree in Abbey Road.

  5. They are all down Abbey Road, but ive seen one in a window on walney. Opposite Shearwater Cres.
    Always wondered what they where for.

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