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Barrow’s municipal trams ceased to run in the 1930s. This was part of a greater crime committed in the name of selfishness the private car; all but Blackpool had banished their trams and even Blackpool’s were restricted to a limited tourist rout along the prom (albeit with a useful extension to Fleetwood.) We are now, of course, regretting this in the days of fuel crises and green awareness, and some cities are spending vast sums reimplementing their trams. In most of the rest of Europe they were more circumspect.

There’s no obvious prospect of Barrow getting trams back but in one part of Barrow Island, at the top end of Michaelson Road by Devonshire Buildings, some of the tracks remain on a stretched used as a car park.

I like trams. All other things being equal, a city with trams is a more pleasant and civilised place than one without.



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  1. I like trams too. Must post a photo of one sometime

  2. With escalating fuel costs the move to petrol/deisel driven buses may now proove with hindsight not to have been such a good idea. What was once a 20p fare now closer to £4 !
    The electric driven trams have a more stable energy usage cost. Better to budget in the long term.

    I grew up in an era when transportation got you anywahere you wanted to go without breaking the bank. You didn’t need a car, well, I didn’t. Now it’s all too late!

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