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Saturday was a lovely, warm, sunny day (if you were elsewhere in England, tough!). It was also a few days before the new moon and the afternoon brought a lower than usual tide. (A couple of days after the new moon, on Thursday, the tide will be even lower but unfortunately the tide will be high and right up to the pebbles in the afternoon.)

Time, then, to get myself down to Earnse (pronounced urnseh) Bay, the northernmost and most magnificent of Walney’s magnificent beaches. Lots of other Barrovians had the same idea, but unlike most other Barrovians I shed my sandals and wandered a short distance across the beach from the road and had the wide, flat sands to myself. Well, myself and a few thousand gulls (herring, lesser and greater black-backed, black-headed), dunlin and oystercatchers. And hundreds of these starfish, brought in with this particular tide for some reason unknown to me.

It’s also a perfect spot for swimming, and the wide, gently-shelving sands ensure that the water warms up quickly. Bondi? Copacabana? Mustique? You can have ’em! At this point we’ll draw a discreet veil over the proceedings. You don’t want to know about me stripping off to swim. No, honestly, you really don’t. It’s not a pretty sight!


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