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Andy's Chippy

Have I mentioned my favourite chippy? What do you mean “you keep going on about it. It sounds awful”? Look Marvin, go and stand in that corner over there while I savour the crisp, light as a summer breeze, batter, the firm yet succulent flakes of haddock, the supple, but never greasy,golden chips. All enhanced by the tang of sea air as I sit on the pebble bank at Sandy Gap watching the early evening sun glitter on the water.

I’m a bit of a connoisseur of haddock and chips. I dined many times at Geales in Notting Hill before it became a tourist trap, and I’ve eaten what I then thought the ultimate sitting on the harbour wall at Thurso on the far north coast of Scotland, but although every Barrovian has a favourite (some favouring the one in York Street), I think Andy’s can stand proud in any company, anywhere.



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  1. If you ever visit Scotland the chippie in ANSTRUTHER on the East Neuk of Fife is well worth a visit

  2. I lived in St Andrews, so can vouch for the chippie in Anstruther.
    My partner said I have to put a word in for Shakesphere’s in Fleetwood, his old hometown.
    Also he was impressed you said Haddock not cod. This apparently means you are a proper chippie connoisseur as only townies go for cod. What do I know, I’m a brummie.

  3. Sounds a million miles from one of Andy’s infamous predecessors – ‘greasy Joe’. Once tasted, never forgotten.

    I have a pang of envy as I well remember many a hot Saturday summer afternoon at Sandy Gap topped off with a plate of fish ‘n’ chips on a balmy Saturday evening. The fish ‘n’ chips only coming from the emporium on Dominion St..

  4. Jeff, was that the old wooden shack? Sometimes Uncle Bill would treat us from there.

  5. Ah now, when I look at the building it’s not the same one. I think you’re right it was a wooden shack. However I think this building and greasy’s are both at the Ramsgate Crescent end of Euryalis Street. I presume the shack was demolished and wonder if this building is on the same site.

    Your Uncle Bill treated you, um. I think all our hearts got a good dose of cholesterol in those days although the word had not been invented. I’m thinking of the dripping in which the fish ‘n’ chips were cooked. However the dripping retention must have varied and I’m afraid greasy’s must have been at the high end !!! 🙂

  6. Yes Jeff, Andy’s is on Euryalus Street at the corner of Hastings Street. The product is remarkably non-greasy.

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