Road Works

June 12, 2008 at 16:18 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Road Works

Barrow has been plagued by road works for almost all of the time I’ve been back here. If it wasn’t the agony of the sewer system in Abbey Road, it was the refurbishment of the Walney Bridge, or the excruciating realignment of the Abbey Road/Holker Street/Rawlinson Street junction outside the station (access to the station is still a disgrace), or setting up the sublimely pointless Ironworks Road one-way system, or the never-ending laying of cables.

This particular marathon is about providing access to the car park for the new B&Q shop in Hindpool Road. It’s been going on for three months now. I’ve mentioned before that public works in Barrow seem to take much longer than they do elsewhere. That’s the result of the highway authority being based in Carlisle, which is separated from Barrow by a roadless wilderness with the highest mountains in England. Barrow was traditionally a County Borough within Lancashire. The quickest ways to Carlisle are via Lancaster. Go figure!



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  1. Don’t you just miss the old paraffin lamps from a bygone era. Before those battery operated yellow ones replaced them all?

  2. Do we need dreadful American expressions like ‘go figure’?

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