Under the Clock (2)

June 14, 2008 at 17:49 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Under the Clock (2)

Portland Walk is a piece of 1990s off-the-peg building development which fits into Barrow town centre like an Orange lodge fits into the Vatican. This is where you will find the big chains, notably Debenhams whose off-the-peg pediment boasts an off-the-peg clock. Well, the clock isn’t quite off-the-peg unless it was mass produced for Portland Walks all over the world, but it’s a mass-produced 1990s clock all the same.

Compare and contrast with McDowells clock in Cavendish Street. It’s a no-brainer, innit!

Would somebody like to try to convince me that things get better with the passage of time?



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  1. So it was nearly a quarter-past-W when you took the photo?

  2. No, it had just gone D past A…

  3. Your comment about the Orange lodge and the Vatican made me smile.

    Not too many years ago in Barrow, The Union Jack club (home of the local Orange Lodge) sat next to (actually in one building) the St. Mary’s Catholic club.

    A little further along the main road out and the Catholic social club, Knights of St. Columba, sits next door to a sex shop.

    Only in Barrow !

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