June 18, 2008 at 16:48 | Posted in Barrow | 5 Comments

Rain at last

Anybody who tries to kid you that Barrow is not a rainy, windy sort of place is doing you no favours. It’s one of the wettest and windiest, if not the wettest and windiest, towns in Britain. There’s even a housing estate on Walney called Rainey Park, which tickled my sister and me when we were little. That doesn’t mean we don’t get extended periods of glorious weather in summer, days when you can swim into the late evenings (at this time of year it doesn’t get properly dark until nearly midnight.)

But it hasn’t rained properly for weeks. This upsets the allotment holders (I haven’t done allotments yet, have I?) and it upsets the bowlers (the greens get so fast you’re in the ditch if the wood is so much as fanned by a fluttering eyelash.)

Today, though, the rains came. Drizzle at first, this morning, and even interrupted by a bit of sunshine. This afternoon, down it came. It gave me a chance to capture Barrow in its natural state – here’s Dalton Road, the main shopping drag.



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  1. A summer rain can be good every now and then. Never been able to understand the rules of cricket. We really need some rain over here as well, been a lot of forest fires the last few weeks, but as long as the sun is shining I’m not complaining.

  2. These bowlers are nothing to do with cricket. Rain is bad for cricket because you can’t play in the rain.

    This is about bowls. Fast greens mean the bowling wood can behave erratically.

  3. Had that torrential downpour here too yesterday as I went to the dentist. Doesn’t look much better this morning but I’d best get out anyway and do a bit of shopping.

  4. Love the clean look with the neatly laid bricks ……

    BTW, where’s barrow? (forgive my ignorance)

  5. Rainey Park is named after Rainey Brothers, the contractors responsible for building many of the private houses on Walney in the years between the First and Second World Wars – nothing to do with the weather!

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