Alphabet Friday: A is for Abbey Road

June 20, 2008 at 16:59 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Abbey Road

Not the one in St John’s Wood (I once drove down that unwittingly, and was so taken aback by the suddenly familiar vista with the zebra crossing that I nearly swerved off the road. Subsequently I drove down it many times quite wittingly, often with an unwitting visitor sitting next to me.) Not even the EMI recording studio, and certainly not the Beatles’ final album. No, this is the Abbey Road on which I was born. And a fine piece of road it is, for the most part.

Looking at Barrow today it’s hard to remember the grandeur of James Ramsden’s vision for his New Liverpool. To cap it all, he wanted a grand boulevard to sweep the visitor from the heights of Furness down to his dream by the sea. More than a century and a half on it’s still there. The trams came and went a long time ago, the levels of traffic (without a horse in sight) would astonish him. The bottom end looks pretty shabby these days, and since the Dalton by-pass was opened a few years ago it’s not even the main way into town, but it’s still pretty impressive and not many towns have such an attractive approach. Pity about the mess when you get to the bottom, mind!

I’ve caved in to the Alphabet Friday theme that features in some other CDP blogs, and I’ll continue it as long as I remember. Don’t hold your breath…


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  1. not heard of the Alphabet Friday theme – is that different from the ABC Wednesday theme which is currently on the letter V?

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