Red sky at night

July 5, 2008 at 14:23 | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments


No, not a fire in the shipyard but the state of the sky over Barrow at about 22:00 last night. Magnificent, isn’t it!

This red sky did not bring delight for local shepherds. By a reasonable waking-up time today it was chucking it down (although the sun has come out since.)



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  2. Beautiful

  3. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight! At least my father used to say so! Sounds like the shepherds would not agree.

    This shot is phenomenal! Thanks for treating us with such a beautiful sky.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  4. I took some on friday nigh around 10pm over the nature reserve, and a friend did the smae in blackpool, of a sky with the is intense array of colours. Really was something in the ait that night. Absolutley beatiful. I alaways said the other week n the midland we say shepherd’s but most coastl places say sailor’s.

  5. Of course, round here we have both sheep and ships, which may be why I leaned a hybrid version when I was little:

    Red sky at night
    Shepherd’s delight
    Red sky at morning
    Sailor’s warning

    The sheep hereabouts seem pretty unfazed by bad weather. Perhaps the shepherds just leave them to it. when that happens.

  6. Beautiful!

    Can’t say any more than that.

  7. Red sky at night,
    Shepherd’s delight,
    Red sky in the morning,
    Shepherd’s warning,
    Red sky at noon,
    Your barn’s on fire!

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