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Leave the centre of Barrow on the coast road, the scenic route to Ulverston that hugs the shore of Morecambe Bay, and you come to Roose. Roose was there long before Barrow was, but it got swallowed by the rapid growth of the new town. Still, it likes to regard itself as a village in its own right, and it does have some attractive sandstone cottages as well as its own railway station. It’s a lost cause though; you can’t really see the join.

The corporation buses that went there had blue destination blinds with white lettering.

Roose is pronounced to rhyme with booze, and not (as train announcers are wont to do) loose.



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  1. You missed a trick with Roose – my favourite Roose “view” is down between the houses with the washing out on a sunny day. I used to always look at that when I was young and I still look now driving past with my children.

    BTW absolutely loving your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mark, there will be other pictures of Roose in the future. It’s not a part of Barrow I go very often and I was there last night to play bowls so no time to hunt for pics.

    Meanwhile, have you seen this one?

  3. you got it wrong it is sopose to ryhme with loose
    because thats how the yorksure miners pronouced it when they first built the village

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