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The spread of the personal computer over the last thirty years has been revolutionary, but it has done no favours for graphic design in the environment. First, it was that anyboy could churn out leaflets and newsletters they designed themselves, using every font available to them just because they could (the result being similar to mixing up all your coloured Plasticene into one murky brown blob.) Then is was one of my pet peeves, the laser-printed shop sign. Kebab houses are the worst offenders it seems but all our High Streets are being blighted by them

So, it’s good to see the traditional signwriter still plying his trade. Ian Whiteoak’s van can be seen all over Barrow at times. I caught it in the Furness Golf Club car park as I was on my way for a swim this morning. I’ve watched him in action before, too. There aren’t many people whose jobs I envy, but Mr Whiteoak is certainly one. I wish I could do that!


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  1. First, my apologies for a bit of cut and paste commenting. I have been doing the rounds via Bloglines and looking at all the pictures from my favourite photo blogs, but haven’t been leaving comments. Generally, I try to comment as much as I can (I know how good it is for ‘morale’ to know that someone is out there appreciating them), but after the birth of my second son, I am a bit knackered to think up something witty and insightful on the hop. Thus the resort to Control+C and Control+P!

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