The old Co-op

July 29, 2008 at 21:19 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

The Old Co-op

The old Co-op in Abbey Road – retail emporium, meeting place and venue for funeral teas like my Nanna’s in 1972 – has been defunct for a long time now but the building, with clock for meeting under, remains. The ground floor is occupied by the Furness Railway pub, which has the virtue of being one of the few places in the town centre that serves draught beer, but in common with all others in the Wetherspoon group it has all the atmosphere of a Methodist Sunday school beetle drive.



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  1. Loved the Co-op and their stamps.

  2. You have got some magnificent buildings there in Barrow!

  3. A few sad points –

    a) ‘few places in the town centre that serves draught beer’ – oh dear.
    b) Retail outlet now gone and I could name a good few things purchased there.

    What is this talk of stamps, bring back the ‘divi’. There was always a treat with the ‘divi’.

    My mother’s number – 26402, permanently burnt into the neurones until the day I die !!

  4. The Co op and what it stood for was something to be applauded, sadly to be replaced by corporate Wetherspoons and it’s values isn’t. Lovely red brick building.

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