Not the Post Office

August 7, 2008 at 22:21 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Not the post office

The building on the railway bridge in Abbey Road opposite the station doesn’t just look like a post office, it screams POST OFFICE! at you. Either that or TELEPHONE EXCHANGE! One of the off-the-peg designs, then, from whoever was the house architect to the General Post Office in the 1920s and 30s. But it’s not a post office, and there are plenty of signs about it to tell the taken-in that it isn’t because the staff are fed up of telling people it isn’t a post office.

It is, in fact, the old sorting office and the place where you collect the packages that were taken back when the postie rang the doorbell and ran (as posties are wont to do.) I like going there, though, it generally means something nice, like a package of books or something deliciously odoriferous from Lush.

Possibly out of despair, they have started selling stamps!



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  1. or the labour exchange.
    Typical government building of the era.

  2. It reminded me a bit of the old telephone exchange in Ashton.

    Hyde’s sorting office is very different (I’ve posted pics of it in the past). Last year though they started closing it in the afternoons so if you missed a parcel delivery you couldn’t just nip down for it in the afternoon. And if you went down the following morning you ran the risk of being out when the postman delivered that day and maybe missing something else!
    At least they do stay open Saturday mornings (for now!)

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