Unearthing the past

August 15, 2008 at 16:24 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Old tram track exposed

Roadworks in Hindpool Road – like all roadworks around here they seem to be taking ten times longer than they do elsewhere – have exposed bits of buried Barrow history.

I think, from the size (smaller than a standard-gauge railway track) and the fact that it seems to be curving towards the old tram depot in Cornwallis Street, that this is bit of tram track that, instead of being taken up for the metal, had been left buried under concrete and tarmac for the last seventy years or so.



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  1. Love that kind of history, unearthed.

  2. Great eye to have spotted this. Thank you too, for explaining your line of thinking to figure it out.

  3. Something you just don’t see here where I live.
    That can and bottle give instant cash at the local recycling center.
    Never understood why they don’t do that in England

  4. I got a similar shot of a tramline exposed by roadworks earlier this year. It also shows how much the ground has been raised by new layers of concrete and tarmac.

  5. Fantastic Photo where was the old tram depot in Cornwallis St

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