Theatre (deceased)

August 17, 2008 at 20:22 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Theatre (dark)

Like many towns of its size, Barrow once had a theatre, and a substantial affair it must have been if the building, still standing in Cavendish Street, is anything to go by. It’s easy to imagine a packed house thrilling to Hobson’s Choice and The Good Companions; Separate Tables and Blithe Spirit; Showboat and Annie Get Your Gun. Now the building houses an Italian reastaurant at street level, and heaven knows what in the Upper Circle.

The passing, to all intents, of the live provincial theatre is a matter of great sadness to me. Much as I love a good film (something else seldom seen in Barrow as it happens), a live theatrical performance is something utterly different and far more thrilling. A case in point – some years ago I saw a stage production of Chicago with a cast of unknowns, that knocked eight bells out of the star-studded film of the same.

Unfortunately the bean-counters and the brand-managers can’t abide the thought of something that is unique each performance, nor a spectacle that can’t offer an A-List Celebrity. So that’s it. I wonder what W Shakespeare would think if he were alive today?



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  1. Shakespeare would be doing scripts for the O.C.!

  2. Angry of the here. Again too much too say on this, but it’s so deflating too see all too many of these local cinemas and theartre houses close.

    On another matter keep having an email I sent you bounce back. It was re a qestion you asked about someone on the island.

  3. Was that a live theatre once ? The building looks like the old Odeon cinema in Cavendish Street. Once upon a time in Barrow there were two premier cinemas, the Ritz and the Odeon, and the rest. The rest were mostly run by the Essoldo group and were relegated to showing the lesser-known films.

    Agreed on the demise of provincial theatre and I hate to say it is one reason (amongst a few) why I would never return.

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