Barrow Park

August 20, 2008 at 20:04 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Barrow Park

It was a lovely day today. One might almost have thought it was summer.

Barrow Park was once the town’s pride and joy, full of the benificence of Victorian philanthropy, and then it became run-down and neglected. Recently it’s been given a makeover and it’s a pleasant place to pass the time on a sunny afternoon if you haven’t much else to do. Sitting up by the cenotaph on the hill with a good book, perhaps. All it lacks a is a discreetly attentive patron to relenish your pastis when required.

I’ve yet to investigate the park’s pathways for running purposes. Should be good for some hill training I think.



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  1. Welcome to Barrow Park.

    £75 fine for letting your dog have a run in the park.

    £68 fine for possessing heroin.

  2. Yes Mike, I agree that Barrow Council’s dog policy is appalling.

    Fines for possession heroin are just silly – they don’t solve a problem, they exacerbate it. Addicts need help, not punishment.

  3. Oh I really like this photo. The promise it holds, and the anticipation I feel looking at it are fun. I want to go through the gate. I want to see the rest of the gardens. Very nice shot.

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