Parade Street

August 22, 2008 at 19:32 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Parade Street

One striking thing about Barrow town centre is how many people actually live there.

The middles of many towns and cities have been taken over by commerce, with residents being driven out to peripheral areas. In some cases efforts have been made to bring life back into the centres by creating apartments from old warehouses. But in Barrow, the shops are punctuated by streets of terrace houses, and even houses in between the shops.

Parade Street, leading from Duke Street towards the docks, looks almost too perfect, like a film set for gritty 1930s and 40s dramas. Which it has been from time to time. Those doing the filming have to be careful to avoidf the ubiquitous Devonshire Dock Hall, mind.



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  1. These are the kind of building we need to save, restore when need be, not demolish a build shiny little boxes. Marvellous image.

  2. There is some sort of unusual feature above the doorways on the right hand side. Perhaps you could show a close-up one day so that we can see what it is?

  3. I think there’s some kind of conservation arrangement on these. Note the complete absence of pebbledash.

    Anyway, I’ll do a feature on the door details just for you, Martin!

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