North Scale

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North Scale

This is one of my favourite Barrow views.

The photo was taken from the edge of North Scale, one of the two original settlements on Walney. This is the point where the road curves away from the edge of the Walney Channel to climb the hill through the village. At the top of the hill is the Crown pub, which is the turning point when I do one of my 30-40 minute runs up this way. (On longer runs by this route I carry on by Cow Tarn Lane to West Shore and beyond.)

Looking south-east from here you see the channel with its boats, Walney Bridge in the middle distance, and Barrow Island (giving some idea of the extent of the shipyard which completely dominates it.)

Yes, that public footpath sign really is pointing out into the channel. North Scale existed as a farming community long before there was a bridge, or even a ferry, connecting it to the mainland. At low tide there is a causeway that can be crossed on foot, and that of course is why North Scale is where it is. As it was part of the Furness Abbey estates, presumably produce was taken by the causeway to the abbey (which I haven’t even touched yet, there’s a treat to look forward to) or maybe to market at Dalton.



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  1. I find this picture to be a perfect composition and wonderful subject.
    Have a great Bank Holiday

  2. This one does give you a great idea of what Barrow is all about!

    It was fantastic to hear about Bessie Horne. Might we imagine that Posh Spice will be like that at 80?

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