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August 31, 2008 at 20:14 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment


Here’s a memento to one of Barrow’s old home-brew pubs.

The sign is on the side of a not-terribly enticing place now called Healey’s in Hindpool Road. I don’t know who Healey is, unless this is a reference to 1970s Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis, but I think it’s more likely to have been part of a 1980s vogue for renaming pubs “Madge’s” or “Sid’s”. Either that or it was the 1990s vogue for hibernian names but in that case it should surely be “Healy’s” or “Hely’s”.

Anyway, Healey’s pub has seen better days but this sign, from when it was the Devonshire after the local landowner and investor in the new town, is even more neglected. Which is a shame, as I’m sure George Samuel Heath kept a good cellar if his expansion is anything to judge by.


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  1. Think Healey’s was named after the landlord, think I have seen elsewhere that at one time he was a Rugby Player for Barrow

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