Hurricane season

September 3, 2008 at 17:38 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Autumn storm

It’s the Atlantic hurricane season, and a procession of tropical storms batters the Caribbean and the eastern seaboard of America. Barrow, of course, is not in the Caribbean, nor is it on the eastern seaboard of America. But when those places have finished with their hurricanes they ship the blown-out fag-ends back across the ocean. We don’t get the drama and excitement, just bursts of heavy rain and blustery winds. It’s as much an unchanging part of Barrow’s September as the end of Our Own Dear Bluebirds winning start to the football season.

I was out for a run this morning, while it was fine, for the first time along the exposed causeway that divides Cavendish Dock from Morecambe Bay. Very beautiful, I thought then, but not a place to be when the Atlantic storms come rolling in. Just as well I ran in the morning, then, because by the afternoon the scene in Barrow town centre was as shown.



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  1. Ah the familair sight of the great Britsih summer

  2. As visitors to Barrow yesterday (Friday), we would have been delighted to have had a day of such sun showers. Without our own inflatables, we would never have made to the town centre!

  3. Ah yes, Friday! As you will see, I didn’t even make a proper Friday entry because it was so foul. The place to be was apparently the Isle of Man, as Babooshka will no doubt confirm. But apart from that, it was the same everywhere!

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