The Sheffield sunk

September 4, 2008 at 17:07 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

The Sheffield Sunk

And yet another has fallen.

The Sheffield, named after the RN destroyer HMS Sheffield launched at Barrow in 1971 and sunk in the South Atlantic in 1982, stands on the corner of Greengate Street and Church Street, close to the indoor market. I don’t know what it was called before it was called before it was the Sheffield.

I’ve never been inside, because it’s never held any appeal for me. Perhaps it would have done better if it had eschewed the macho lager, pool and wide-screen football ethos that is indistinguishable from all the other Barrow pubs, and dared to concentrate on traditional pub culture: good beer, welcoming atmosphere and a strong individual identity.



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  1. It was called to Welcome Inn. Bills history of Barrow pubs is useful for finding info like that.

  2. Blimey – it says that the original licensee was John Mashiter. My Auntie Jean, my dad’s younger sister, married a John Mashiter. They lived in Wheatclose Road but moved down to Cheshire in the mid-1970s.

    Not that John Mashiter, obvioulsly, but surely a descendent – odd thing is, he was a strict Methodist.

  3. Yet another pub closing in the UK. The kind of pub atmosphere you described, traditional pub culture etc we found that. Unfortunately not here, but in France.

  4. Wheatclose Road ! they must have been posh eh? Unusual name though.

  5. Changing times!
    The era of the traditional pub with landlord is well and truly over.
    It strikes me now that pubs are no different than MacDonalds or Burger King.
    Which essentially means that there is nothing left for us ex pats to miss about old blighty, except the weather!

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