South End Marshes

September 5, 2008 at 19:39 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Across the last bit of marshes

It’s been a perfectly wretched day today; not one to inspire me to go out and take pictures, so here’s one from the archive.

I took this about two years ago, on a walk right down to the south end of Walney, about 10 km from the Walney Bridge.

It amazes me that, within the bounds of a modestly-sized, heavy-industrial town, you can find places that feel like the ends of the earth. The South End Marshes are like that. All there is here is a lighthouse and a nature reserve – summer breeding ground for huge numbers of gulls, and an internationally-important staging post for spring and summer migrants. Now and then the narrow lane down to the tip is thronged with twitchers with telescopes and huge camera lenses, trying to locate some hapless bird that ought to be in Canada or Siberia.

At low tide it’s possible to walk from here to Piel Island, with its ruined castle and (currently closed of course) pub.

This is a place magnificent in its desolate loneliness.



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  1. and will the propsed offshore wind farms spoil that desolation or enhance it?

  2. The offshore windfarm which is already there – turn your back from where the picture is taken and you see them – isn’t a problem. Any more than the Belfast and Isle of Man ferries that cross close by. The wind farms are out in the Irish Sea, not on the marshes. The proposed Morecambe Bay Bridge would spoil it more.

    Actually I find living with wind farms all around – in the hills as well as out at sea – perfectly acceptable.

  3. What I like best about land-based windfarms is their temporary nature.

    When the time comes for obsolete designs to be de-commissioned, a group of boyscouts could fell them from the skyline within a day on bob-a-job-week, they just need their bases unbolted. The scrap merchant could cut them up and cart them away within a couple of days, and the site would be back to green field by the weekend with no pollution to the land.

  4. that sounds good then

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