Market Stall

September 14, 2008 at 18:55 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Market Stall

Sorry about the couple of breaks lately. The truth is, once I’ve done a long run and then got on with things that need doing at home, the light’s starting to fail in the evening and I don’t get out to take pics. Anyway – I took this yesterday so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have posted it yesterday. Slapped wrists!

Anyway, one thing Barrow desperately needs is a decent greengrocer. It’s no good promoting the five-a-day ethos if you can’t buy the fresh veg, and despite what their PR people tell you, supermarket fruit and veg is expensive, crap and ecologically unsound. Ask yourself – does Gordon Ramsay buy his veg from Tesco? Does Jamie Oliver really get his from Sainsbury’s? Do they hell! Their customers wouldn’t stand for it.

There is one halfway decent stall on the market, but even that is fairly limited. To be fair, they do stress local produce including potatoes from Flookburgh just along the bay, and you don’t need to be all that perceptive to notice round here that there isn’t a lot of arable activity. And as the proprietor said to me yesterday, it’s hopeless trying to deal in fresh produce in a four-day-a-week indoor market. That’s why they’re moving to permanent premises at 219 Dalton Road from 1 October. Spread the word to anybody you know, he said. I said I’d put it on my blog. So here you are!


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  1. We’re lucky in Hobart to have no shortage of fruit and veg shops. I agree that supermarket quality is ‘variable’, to be kind!

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