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I had business in Ormsgill this morning.

That’s not something you want to be able to say too often. But as ever, we take the opportunity to record a part of town there’s not often much need to visit.

Every sizeable town has an Ormsgill. It’s usually tucked out of sight and out of mind; in this case up beyond the slag bank, adjacent to an industrial estate, and by-passed by the by-pass. It’s the place where the town sweeps out of the way its more troublesome citizens: the mentally-ill, the unruly, the drunks and the addicts. As well, it must be said, as perfectly decent people who haven’t been as lucky as they might have been.

You can tell an Ormsgill by the parade of shops with its windows heavily shuttered even while they are open for business.

I don’t find Ormsgill particularly threatening, but it is bleak and unwelcoming, and frankly a bit of a dump.

NB: I have reposted this because, having forgotten to put the photo in at first, CDP is ignoring it!

The following comment was made to the original post:

http://taxistorys.blogspot.com/ | taxi.tales@yahoo.co.uk

Aye it’s a grim place but as one inhabitant said to me today “Ormsgill city where the girls are tough and the boys are pretty.”



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  1. Can I nick your photo and use it on my website?

  2. Course you can, Bill, so long as you give an attribution.

  3. Every picture is important and of historical interest.
    Yours especially.

  4. I like the idea of telling someone, “yeah, my house, it’s just past the slag heap”…

  5. I like this photo brings back a few memories ,including ripping up the old Co-Op parker block flooring with my mate Bob Thomson when I worked for the councils building dept and selling it for firewood —they where the days

  6. can enyone help to find photo of high cliff in the 1946 were i was born in a prefab

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