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September 29, 2008 at 21:17 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Polski Sklep, Rawlinson Street

Barrow now has its own Polish community and when the Poles come, sooner or later some of them will open shops to service the community with food and magazines from home, information about jobs and travel, and general gossip. This shop is in Rawlinson Street.

This should be good news to the host community. The Polish shops are often the best thing to happen in food availability for many years. Much of the stuff is familiar goods in unfamiliar, vowel-deficient guises, but a lot if it is not only not available in your local Tesco, it’s very good. Poland is very good at presereved things, so these shops are great for huge jars of pickles, sauerkraut and preserved fruits, sausages (żywiecka – sausage from Żywiec, like the beer – is my favourite but there’s a variety of different styles to try) and other forms of dead and cured pig, pickled herring, and so on. The chocolate-coated plums are very nice too. I am partial to the Vietnamese noodles, myself.

Unfortunately for the non-Poles in town, few of them seem, to be taking advantage of this cultural treat. Maggie’s isn’t the best I’ve ever seen – the established Polish community in Reading is awash with fresh deli where this one is all pre-packed goods – but definitely worth exploring, if only for a genuinely different shopping experience. Poles are well aware that their language appears to be (and is) formidable to outsiders but will be delighted if you try some basics – hello is dzień dobry (“jen dawbreh”); thank you is dziękuję (“gin queer”) and goodbye is do widzenia (“do vijenya”). Try it, you’ll like it!



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  1. Unbeknown to many, we had a Polish shop up the road from our house in the late 1950’s no less, right here in Ashton under lyne. It was on Oldham Road at Blandford Street. As A tiny child I remember the vast range of exotic European products on the shelves. Biscuits, confections and the Krakus gerkins of course.
    Pity I didn’t have a camera at the time.

    That’s the thing you see. All pictures are important and they all carry some historical significance. So keep up the good work.

  2. I reall y do need to get down to the Douglas one. Likewise it is not receiving patrons from out of the Polish community. It’s agorgepus looking shop, very old fashioned corner shop. I do miss them

  3. I am a fan of Eastern European food in general, so I wish we had a shop like this here in Tasmania! It’s a shame that the non-Polish locals don’t check it out, food is a great way to get people to interact and understand each other better.

  4. We have just bought a cottage in a village near Ulverston and would like to know if you have the names of any Polish builders and/or decorators in the Barrow area. Thanks in advance.
    Joanna and Keith

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