Devonshire Dock

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Over the Dock

It was bitterly cold and damp today. Ot a day to inspire me to go out and take photos.

Yesterday was bright and very clear. I snapped the view over the Devonshire Dock, looking across what passes for a skyline in Barrow (which is mercifully free of high-rise buildings) to Black Combe. You could all but count the sheep on Black Combe. Must be going to rain…

Emlyn Hughes House

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Emlyn Hughes House

As part of the dream of Barrow Council and its redevelopment agency Furness Enterprise, this speculative office building was put up at Crazy Horse Corner, the junction of Abbey Road and Holker Street. It’s actually on the site of the art deco Roxy cinema, a much-missed town icon, and most Barrovians would prefer to have their fleapit back, if truth be known.

Meanwhile, Emlyn Hughes House was ready for occupation a year ago, but has stood empty all that time while an occupant was sought. No doubt Furness Enterprise really wanted a substantial company to take it as corporate headquarters, but they have had to settle for the Crown Prosecution Servce administrative staff from the court buildings next door, who are about to take on part of the building.

Piel Island

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Piel Island

Another of the South End pics from last Friday. This one is looking across to Piel Island, which is a distant prospect from most parts of Barrow.

Piel is a part of Barrow, of course. It has a ruined castle (on the right), a row of coastguard cottages (on the left) and a pub, the whitewashed building in the middle. The landlord of the pub, which is owned by the borough council, is given the title King of Piel. The title has been in abeyance for a few years while the pub was renovated, but it has recently been filled.

The island is accessed by ferry from Roa Island, and it’s possible to walk across the sands from the South End at low tide.

We haven’t done Piel yet, and we will eventually but it won’t be before the spring now. It’s a pretty bleak and inhospitable place in the windetr.

The View from the South End

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Barrow from the bird reserve

We’re still within the boundary of the old County Borough of Barrow, but the town looks far off from here, the car park of the South Walney bird reserve.

This is some 10 km south of the Walney Bridge, along a narrow winding lane with a surface not always as good as the best bits. And with the added threat of caravan-towing cars hurtling up the lane the other way.


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Walney beach seemed to have had an invasion of crabs yesterday. The sand was littered with the remnants of the feast after the gulls had got to them.

This one appears to have escaped relativelyt unscathed. It’s not at all healthy though.

Anything about?

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Sightings at the bird reserve

Today I found myself showing friends from Kent around my home town, and inevitably I centred the visit on Walney beach as it was such a lovely sunny autumn day.

The wind was a bit much for them however (poor things!) so after we’d inspected the rockpools we got in the car and headed right down to the South End, where the bird reserve is. It’s a busy time for them, with the autumn migrations in full swing, so maybe that’s why the Recent Sightings bulletin isn’t at up-to-date as it might be. All the same, it’s a glorious (if elemental) place which feels like the end of all things. No wonder the travelling birds love to stop over.

Shoes on the wires

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Shoes on the wires

Up an alley behind Dalton Road, which makes a handy shortcut between Portland Walk, Cavendish Street and Scott Street, somebody’s trainers end up with their laces tied together and slung like a bolus over the telephone wires.

I wonder if the owner of the trainers consented to this? There is a plague of this sort of thing and it’s been going on for a few years now, and not just in Barrow.

Nan Tait Centre

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This is the former Technical School on Abbey Road. I’m not at all clear who Nan Tait is or was but the building is now home to the Registry Office, various local government related offices, and a number of arts projects.

The building is dated 1910.

BBC studios

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A busy weekend meant no pictures foir a couple of days. Sorry!

This unassuming little building is the BBC studio in Barrow. I was there this afternoon to record a series of very brief Thoughts for the Day for Radio Cumbria. These little talks, unlike their national namesakes, are entirely secular. I’m just not very good at getting up in time to hear them at 7.40 am!

BBC studios I have know vary enormously, from Broadcasting House in London (which is huge and a regular maze to rival the Palace of Westminster) via Bristol, with the local radio in a cubby hole at the back of a big and busy newsroom; Reading, which is tucked away in Caversham House with the BBC listening service and is hard to get into; to Brighton which is on a busy thoroughfare and positively welcomes droppers-in.

Barrow studio is much more modest, staffed by a friendly receptionist-cum-sound engineer called Wendy, who helps you to operate the studio kit and plies you with coffee!

Just Astute at Twilight

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Astute in the evening

I took some more pictures of HMS Astute in the dock last night, but it turned out that the pictures of the evening were more interesting than pictures of the sub. You can just see Astute in front of the shed doors, in the water now but still on the lift.

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