New(ish) and Old

October 9, 2008 at 21:48 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments


In the 1960s the bulldozers came to central Barrow and swept away a lot of docky buildings and Victoriana in the service of the great god Progress. Much of what was good about Barrow was lost.

Judge for yourself. Craven House was part of that grand vision. The Majestic Hotel representative of what had to go.

(The grassy space in the roundabout, with flowers and (off picture, left) the statue of Schneider the Ironmaster is however a marked improvement I think. Dubbing the roundabout “Schneider Square” is pushing it a bit though.)



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  1. That’s a real shame, especially if buildings like this one on the right were lost to make way for structures as dull as the shoebox on the left!

  2. If the “shoebox” as kris puts it was someone’s “grand vision” I think I’d prefer their “nightmares” – might have had more character like the hotel.

    Love the hanging baskets.

  3. I agree, it should be Mitchell Sq. for services rendered to Barrow!
    I love the old building and would love to see inside all the way up to the top.
    And look out the little window.

  4. Great photo. Ah, the magic stick…the start of many a good night out.

    Looks like there’s not a cloud in the sky.

  5. Progress is never pretty. Out with the new and definitely back in with the old.

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