BBC studios

October 20, 2008 at 22:33 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


A busy weekend meant no pictures foir a couple of days. Sorry!

This unassuming little building is the BBC studio in Barrow. I was there this afternoon to record a series of very brief Thoughts for the Day for Radio Cumbria. These little talks, unlike their national namesakes, are entirely secular. I’m just not very good at getting up in time to hear them at 7.40 am!

BBC studios I have know vary enormously, from Broadcasting House in London (which is huge and a regular maze to rival the Palace of Westminster) via Bristol, with the local radio in a cubby hole at the back of a big and busy newsroom; Reading, which is tucked away in Caversham House with the BBC listening service and is hard to get into; to Brighton which is on a busy thoroughfare and positively welcomes droppers-in.

Barrow studio is much more modest, staffed by a friendly receptionist-cum-sound engineer called Wendy, who helps you to operate the studio kit and plies you with coffee!



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  1. A great image

  2. Considering my partner Gary is the bbc’s Polital Cartoonist we have never been in a BBC buiding. Will have to try and get hold of your thoughts. Excellent idea for people in an area to have their say. I would have mistaken the building for part of an old junior school.

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