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When I was thinking about pictures for the theme day – books – on Saturday I thought of putting a twist on the theme. As it happens I went for the orthodox interpretaion, but I could have used this picture.

Recently there was a well-publicised survey which placed Barrow as thye “most working-class town in Britain.” This assessment was based at least partly on the number of fish and chip shops and the number of bookmakers shops. There certainly are a lot of off-track bookies in Barrow, most of them part of the Chas Kendall chain which seems to have been around for ever.

Me, I like a bet on the horses now and then, especially on jumps racing. Apart from a couple of meetings at the picturesque Cartmel course in the summer, however, Barrow is a long way from a racecourse. The bookies tend to do more bui9sness on football these days.



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  1. I thought about photographing a bookies for theme day – esp as we have a few in town and no bookshops — as I’ve already posted pics of two bookies and didn’t get round to photographing another decided to sit the theme out this month.

  2. So do you have a great fish & chip shop in Barrow then?

  3. I was also trying to think of a twist on the theme of books. I thought of photographing someone booking a ticket, but it was a bit random, and in the end I went for a bookshop!

    I’m starving at the moment – wish I hadn’t read the words “fish and chips” – I’d love some!!

  4. Mo, we do indeed – see this entry from earlier this year.

  5. “Turf accountant” – love that!

    Do you take any interest in the Melbourne Cup?

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