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Green's Pie Shop

Here’s Barrow’s El-dorado, the home of the most celebrated of meat-and-potato pies in this town of pie-worshippers! Green’s unassuming little shop is tucked out of the way, on an inter-war estate off Greengate Street. Handy for Barrow Park though, and for the Park Leisure Centre, so you can either buy a pie or three and then work it off, or you can exercise first and then buy a pie or three to reward yourself.

Are Green’s pies the best pies anywhere? Many Barrow folks would say they are although they lost out to Thomas’s in the Abbey FM pie competition this year. I don’t know: I’d like to see a head-to-head against this place

Sweeney & Todd, Reading

Sweeney & Todd of Reading (and yes, there is a barber’s shop next door) have a much more impressive range of fillings (I was always partial to the beef and oyster, or the hare and cherry when it was available). Green’s has the edge with its pastry – light, crisp and delicate. One day I think there should be a formal pie-off!



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  1. “An impressive range of fillings” Who needs anything beyond meat and potato? I am reminded of a visit to the chippy in the wonderfully named village of Shiney Row in Co Durham(on the grounds of being cheaper and better than any poncy service area on the A1M). Having ordered fish and chips for self and son, my son’s friend had the temerity to ask “What kind of pies do you have?” – the terse answer was “Mince” delivered in a tone suggesting that there was no reason to offer anything else. They would have understood Green’s.

  2. Absolutely Yummy.
    When living in Los Angeles, make sure your S.O. is a Lancashire Lass who Bakes Pies and makes Pudding’s to rival Holland’s and mushy peas.
    I think I am very spoilt

    As for the picture.
    Again, one o great historical interest.

  3. wish we had those kind of pies in NY. In fact, we don’t have much truly English food in New York, except for a couple places on Hudson street. Start your own mail order pie business for gosh sake!

  4. What? Mail order pies? I’d rather come over there and open a pie shop of my own so you can have them nice and fresh from the oven! I suppose the Village would be a bit pricey these days. I might have to do it in New Jersey.

    I know that Cornish emigrants to upper Michigan brought the pastie with them. And I know from place names (Lancaster, Carlisle) that the further reaches of Pennsylvania were settled from this neck of the woods – maybe they have pie peas and gravy there?

  5. Greens wins hands down. I lived in Reading for 9 years and must’ve eaten in Sweeny Todds dozens of times (took all my Barrow friends there when they visited). I was a fan of the steak and oyster pie, but the best thing about the place was the sraight faced lady who went from table to table repeating the list of pies. Nice pint of real ale there too.

    Anyways…thanks for making me want a pie…! Kinda hard to come by out here in Alberta!

  6. […] streets, including plenty that never saw a tram, are so wide? It is the way from the town centre to Green’s Pie Shop [qv] so maybe that’s […]

  7. i am sorry to say that sutherland street pie shop have the best pies in barrow, with greens been 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Greens are best pies anywhere. Am living in exile, returning for Christmas to fill up on pies.
    Sutherland St ARE Green’s pies.

    • Have to correct you. Sutherland St. are NOT Green’s Pies. Green’s Pies are ONLY at Jarrow St. and nowhere else. I should know as I own Green’s.

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