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Walney Channel is lined with mud rather than sand, at least it is on the stretch of foreshore north of the bridge. It’s not particularly pleasant to walk on and it can be very slippery underfoot, but it’s not the filthy open sewer that it was in my early childhood. There are mussel beds, which attract oystercatchers and even hardy humans who can sometimes be seen out there with buckets, so it must all be quite clean these days. Anybody for moules et frites?

Anyway, here we are looking out across the channel towards Barrow Island. Note the abandoned push-chair – I don’t know what happened to its occupant.

Shall I do some name-dropping, for the benefit of Kris in Hobart (but apparently he’s in Sydney at the moment, and probably feeling a bit sore at Australia’s loss of Rugby League supremacy.) I was playing bridge tonight with my good friend and esteemed widow of a Barrow Local Hero, Bessie Horne. We came top! Didn’t we do well!


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  1. Back from Sydney, and I have to be honest, I didn’t even know that there was a RL World Cup going on until it was over. RL is really only played and followed in NSW and Queensland, with Tasmania being fiercely an Australian Rules state. As a fan of the underdog (and a non-fan of RL), I was pleased to hear that Australia had lost!

    That said, bridge with the wife of a local legend remains an impressive brush with fame in my book.

    Now, onto the photo, there was no teeny tiny skeleton in that stroller, was there?

  2. I’ll take your word that it has been cleaned but every time I look at that picture that disgusting smell of the place from the 50’s/60’s floods my mind’s nostrils.

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