Christmas Songsters

December 13, 2008 at 17:32 | Posted in rugby league, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Christmas Songs

You can’t move, can you, at this time of year without an assault on your ears. I was less than inpressed by the solitary tin-rattling Salvation Army person accompanied by recorded band music through a speaker. The Sally Army ain’t what it used to be, it appears.

These young people, members of Barrow’s A590 Youth Theatre, were out and about in a corner of the indoor market this morning. Their rendering of traditional songs sounded a bit listless, but when they switched to something more upbeat and show-tuny they set about them with great gusto. Their parents probably weren’t even born when Brenda Lee rocked around the Christmas Tree, but they clearly enjoyed doing it for themselves. But is that young woman on the far right having a crafty fag while the conductor isn’t looking?

The name of the troupe raises an interesting point. The A590 is the 50 km trunk road leading to Barrow from the M6 north of Lancaster and coming to an end at Biggar Bank. It’s often been called Britain’s longest cul-de-sac. There can’t be many towns which so readily identify with the road in and out.



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  1. The woman on the far right is only visible on Flickr – she’s cut off here – anyway I think she’s just surpressing a burb – but the one on the far left seems to have her scarf covering her mouth.

    We had a church choir in the mall today but we had to go for our bus before they brought the live reindeer in!

  2. Yes Fings ain’t wot they used to be and the Sally Army is the same still doing its good work for example. A civilian and his wife working in the Falkland Islands serving the Troops and their Families. themselves being away from their loved ones. How do I know this, well its my Cousin John McGill formerly of Barrow Salvation Army and his wife Sue (nee Armstrong) from Millom SA.

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