I Saw Three Ships (again)

December 14, 2008 at 18:24 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Three Corvettes

Remember the Sultan of Brunei’s bath toys? The ones he wasn’t satisfied with because they were over-specified? And were sitting in Barrow docks awaiting a buyer who didn’t mind crew quarters designed for small Sarawaki sailors?

Well, they’re still here. Every so often one of then goes off for a test drive around the Irish Sea, but always comes back after a few days. This is a close-up view after I took a stroll down Cavendish Dock Road this afternoon.



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  1. Did he still have to pay?

    • i deliverd fuel to these boats and went inside, and they are in great condition inside like new, but if they get decomisioned ,they will be scrapped ,i was told .

  2. The Irish Sea! I will have to look out for these. Love the unifomity of this image. If he doesn’t wwant his playthings maybe he could donate them to a worthy cause in Barrow. You are laughing at my optimism aren’t you.

  3. I say bring back letting ten year olds into the Navy!

  4. Sarawaki in not bruneian .Actually Sarawak is part of Malaysia.

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