Duke Street

December 17, 2008 at 19:34 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


Looking South-ish on a dark and gloomy December afternoon. That’s about all I have to say, really. I’m feeling as dark and gloomy as the afternoon…



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  1. All the same , it is a very interesting photograph.
    I like the lines

  2. I like the picture. Seems like a cold day.

  3. Great photo. I actually like days like this. Of course, here in North Texas, they are the exception and not the rule. I am sure that if I lived where the skies were frequently leaden it would get depressing.

  4. Hello Rosalind,

    I agree with the others – it is a fine picture and very evocative for an ancient Barrovian. But, was it really dark and gloomy? There appears to be a clear blue sky and the atmosphere is crystal clear – a pretty nice mid-December afternoon by the look of it!

    A quick run through Photoshop brings out a lot of the shaded detail and if I could find a way of submitting it I could show you what it looks like when the shadow areas are restored. No tricks, simply a restitution of what is already there.

    Your web site is the sanest commentary on Barrow that I have come across, I love the pictures and your insightful comments – many thanks from an exile!

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