Old Chapel

January 8, 2009 at 16:28 | Posted in Walney | 6 Comments


The old chapel on Walney Promenade, at the bottom of Natal Road/Church Path, is converted into a private house with – one imagines – magnificent views of the channel.



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  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, I look forward to seeing the new ones each day.

  2. Would it have been a Methodist chapel?

  3. Lovely brickwork.

  4. Wot with windows like those. !! I presume this is a listed building and the new owners were not allowed to replace those beaded (think that’s the right term) windows with clear ones.

    Visited the place many times when George Dyer owned it as a hairdressers.

  5. Hello from New York. I love that style design chapel.

  6. Despite the appearance it wasn’t a chapel – that’s the old elementary school on Walney Promenade, founded by Mrs. Michaelson of Barrow Island in.1856. It lasted until c.1918, when the new schools on Ocean Road were completed. Later it became a hairdresser’s shop and it is now a private house, It still bears a plaque from 1856 on the outside wall. Yes, it’s a listed building.

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